Friday, June 12, 2009

What I Love About New York #1: Buildings

Let me start with something obvious: the buildings. I never cared about them at all until I got here, and now I am obsessed. I'm constantly walking down the street like a tourist, looking up at all of the buildings I'm passing. Mostly I look at them with jealousy, because I want to live in all of them. Those amazing brownstones in Park Slope, those all-glass luxury buildings with with gyms and doormen, anything with a roofdeck. My apartment isn't bad, it's just very unremarkable (and in Brooklyn) But I think out of all of the buildings I fantasize about moving to I think this one is my favorite:

On the corner of 3rd ave and 13th, on top of this entirely average apartment building is a log cabin, complete with trees. I'm trying to imagine how this came to be, and my best assumption is that the owner of the building is from somewhere with normal log cabins and lush forests and wanted to recreate a bit of that in the city. There's even a brick fireplace! I just love that you walk out onto a roofdeck, and it is actually your front porch. I'm also imagine the inside to be decorated with big wooden furniture and lots of mounted antlers. Living in a log cabin in the East Village? Yes please. It must be so pretty up there when it snows.